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Why do visitors flirt in customer position? closed

Why do visitors flirt in customer position? closed

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We encountered this double right now with two different people and it’s a tiny bit strange to me. I almost thought it actually was only me becoming aspie and misreading the specific situation with regards to taken place the other day, but after right now I’m confident it absolutely was flirting.

Not long ago I never very collect the reasons why a man or woman would feel the need to flirt with a person that’s already being settled quite well to assist them. As it would nearly add up once we are settling a cost or something like that, but that’sn’t the way it is below, and in many cases after that often fairly debateable.

I’m pretty sure they certainly weren’t in fact recording for a night out together, the perform culprit said that this tart is Berkeley escort reviews wedded. But’m not a great lookin person, perhaps not hideous or everything, but definitely not someone that generally appeal an awful lot of these types of awareness.

Becoming very clear, this wasn’t a sex-related harassment situation. Simply light, primarily harmless, flirting. Standing a touch too near, batting eye-lash, asking anytime I’d end up being doing work later on type of information.

It’s probably relevant that We work with a spiritual charity planning. Flirting would in general be looked at improper for the earth.

I assume i am at a touch of a loss that explains why customers would flirt in a consumer services condition and somewhat clueless concerning how to respond. To date i am attempting to be friendly, but pro like i have always been. I’m not really offended, or selecting an easy way to make certain they are cease, better finding some guidance for exactly why men and women do this.

Very. If you should be anyone who has flirted in customer support problems, or an individual who however really does, why do you will do they?

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